Indoor Training

Indoor Training At Amersham School


Indoor Training starts on Saturday 4 – 6 PM 9 November – 14 December inclusive

The venue is the Amersham School Stanley Hill, Amersham HP7 9HH

The courses


Two separate courses

  1. For U11s and below
  2. For U12s – U14s

(age groups for 2020 season – i.e. age on 1 September 2019)


The 2 groups will share this very large and dividable hall, but the courses are separate, with separate coaches. This will allow movement between groups according to ability, and assist parents with children in both groups.


Both courses will focus on skills and having fun, mixing matches, drills and nets.


The course for U11s and below will cover:

  • Batting:
    • Fundamental shots – front foot drive, back foot drive, cut and pull
    • For those more able, possibly moving on to other shots – on drive, leg glance, sweep, reverse sweep.
  • Bowling:
    • ensuring the fundamentals of an effective, repeatable and safe action
    • For those more able, the development of specific styles – swing and seam, finger spin, wrist spin
  • Fielding – the basics of ground fielding, catching and communication/organisation in the field


The course for U12s and above will cover:

  • Progression from the fundamental shots, to cover on drive, leg glance, sweep, reverse sweep.
  • Quicker bowlers – tactics, developing more pace, swing bowling, hitting the seam and slower balls
  • Spin bowlers – the stock ball and tactics, developing variations
  • Fielding – reinforcing the basics of ground fielding, catching and communication/organisation in the field, and then moving on to slip fielding

Payment and admin 


Please book using the Indoor Training Booking Form


Note that you don’t have to fill out the dates of attendance, but if you know your son/daughter can’t attend on a particular date, it helps us to know.


The cost is £50 for the 6 week course.

Attendance for all 6 sessions is not required. There will be progression, but if a player misses a week, he/she will not be at any disadvantage for the next week.

We have previously charged £10 a session, but that has proved impossible to administer effectively.

The aim is simply to recover the costs of hiring the hall.


Please pay by bank transfer before the course starts.   No cash to coaches please!


Acc No: 44652011

Sort Code: 60-01-15

Ref: ‘Child's Name AS’ e.g ‘N Kerry AS’



Open to non-members


These courses are open to non-members, but non-members must register and also provide us with contact details.


So do recommend these to your friends!

Any questions please contact either Darren Wilson or Andy Thompson